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Linguina Nettlewater

Broker, Realtor
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Jillian Cope

REALTOR®, SRES, CNA, Managing Broker

I am passionate, hardworking, and dedicated. As a real estate broker I provide my clients with expertise and up to date real estate data. I recognize the importance of honesty and diligence in all real estate transactions.

Yarrow Bay Office

As part of Windermere Real Estate/East, Inc, Windermere Yarrow Bay is the largest office on the Eastside. With up to date technology, experienced staff, and endless resources we offer bring our clients the best real estate experience.

Windermere Foundation

Giving back has always been a big part of who we are. In the early days of Windermere it was pretty simple; we would see a need and help any way we could. But as we grew, we realized we could accomplish much more if we had a common purpose. That’s how the Windermere Foundation was born.

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